Currency Paper Production Tracking Solutions

Currency issuers are increasingly demanding much tighter controls of the paper sources, and are requiring that a full audit and traceability systems should be implemented in the paper mills.

During production, currency paper passes through a variety of processes and machines, starting as paper pulp and ending as reams of sheets packed on pallets for delivery to the printing factory. Inevitably, at each machine stage, there will be wastage. This can be simply as new rolls are threaded through the machine, as splices are made to join trailing and leading edges of two rolls together, or in unusual situations like quality rejects or tears in the roll during production.

Throughout the process, quality sampling requires that tests are made and reference items are stored for later analysis. All of this means that there are many opportunities for some paper to 'go missing', whether by accident or design.

The solution is to mark each eventual sheet of paper with a unique printed code. This code should be printed at the earliest possible stage in the Paper Mill. At each subsequent stage, the code is read. By comparing the resulting codes with the original list, an exception list can be prepared, which will identify missing codes, and the stage in the factory where they deviated from the mainstream production workflow.

Adding individual tracking to normal in-house security disciplines, it is possible to account for every sheet of paper anywhere in the factory.

The Inspectron Currency Paper tracking system comprises:

  • High speed inkjet printers with redundancy and auto switchover.
  • High speed intelligent readers, mounted in the various production machines at strategic points, will capture, and decode codes for page verification and tracking.
  • Hand held readers are used around the factory, for tracking waste, rolls and sheet pallet labels.
  • Central workflow database system connecting all reading devices together, so that a real time picture can be built of pages at every stage throughout the factory.

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Currency Paper Solution Overview

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