DocuCheck: Print and Insert Verification

Whether you are a commercial printer or a high volume statement provider, you will be aware of the daily production risks caused by operator or machine malfunction. Paper spoilage, lost, duplicated or incomplete documents are not just expensive to rectify – they can lead to significant financial problems or even lost contracts or customers. From single cameras to a full blown Automatic Document Factory solution, we are the world's leading independent supplier of building blocks and solutions to the quality end of the Print / Mail and Fulfillment industry.

DocuCheck Overview

DocuCheck takes the risk out of production printing. With intelligent camera systems that track a number of key indicators, DocuCheck always knows which piece is where and using its flexible scripting feature, it ensures the production runs smoothly and common errors (technical, practical or operator) are identified and eliminated swiftly and effectively.

Sample statement for DocuCheck reading

Sample envelope for DocuCheck reading

Using the latest technology which is designed to adapt to your unique production environment, we work with all major machine vendors to deliver a complete and integrated solution, significantly reducing your overheads and making your business run more efficiently. For more information about our Print / Insert / Fulfillment Verification systems, download the brochure or contact one of our specialists today!

Features / Benefits

  • Reduces overheads
  • End to end tracking which supports all major symbologies including BCR, OCR, 2D Datamatrix, GS1, PDF417, Dataglyph, PDF417 and many more
  • Supports Line Scan (1k, 2k, 4k) and Area Scan image technology
  • Multiple camera support, ability to mix Line Scan and Area Scan in the same application
  • Runs at full production speeds, up to 1,000 feet per minute (5m/s)
  • Up to 48 zones / regions of interest per camera image
  • Cut Sheet or Continuous operation
  • Validates correct job, inserts, envelopes fulfilled
  • Eliminates split collations, doubles, misses, and address mask detection
  • Full reconciliation and exception reporting
  • Printer, Inserter and Finisher independent
  • Adaptability for new markets and applications

Typical Applications Include

  • Address mask detection
  • Sequencing checking
  • Piece level verification
  • Page collation / set verification
  • Check verification and totalling
  • Variable data verification
  • Base stock verification
  • Void and Streaker detection
  • Image Verification
  • Read and Print

For more information about DocuCheck, download the brochure or contact one of our specialists today.

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