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In the bigger picture of things, it is necessary to know the complete history of an e-Passport, and to make sure that the chip and printed information are correct, readable and consistent. At every stage of production, tracking and record keeping are very important, to deliver audit data if something goes wrong, and to ease the job of the production manager, issuing agent.

Inspectron's developers continue to work with e-Passport suppliers, inlay and cover suppliers, booklet machine makers and consultants, to produce a range of solutions for the e-Passport business.


Inspectron Passport Tracking offers benefits at three important levels of passport manufacture: Operator Level, Production Manager, and External Agency/Audit/Customer.

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Operator Tracking

Machine operators are typically tasked with taking responsibility for production on their own machines, for the following items:

  • Logging on
  • Completion of job ticket
  • Ensuring correct items loaded into the machine
  • Logging exceptions
  • Clearing jams
  • Maintaining adequate production throughput
  • Reconciling wrecked items
  • Completion of production report and list of unique items processed

Inspectron Tracking utilizes a combination of barcode readers, cameras, chip readers and machine interface to offer easy confirmation of the various aspects surrounding passport manufacture, and can ensure that a job is not complete until all required information is collected and confirmed. Sentinel, the main supervisor software, then collects electronic reports from around the factory for overview and reporting purposes. Working with the machine hardware, Sentinel works to detect erroneous duplicate detection and provides an early warning/stop in the case of multiple errors.

Production Management Tracking

A production manager will typically have the responsibility for managing the entire multi machine process, including:

  • Job planning and reporting
  • Batch planning and reporting
  • Batch staging before each machine
  • Productivity analysis for each machine stage
  • Early warning of individual machine malfunction or loss of productivity
  • Day/shift batch and item reconciliation
  • Waste analysis and reduction
  • Early warning of unusual events, and documentation of recover steps
  • Day/shift batch completion reports
  • Disaster recover audit/emergency switchover of machines/sites

Sentinel, via machine-level integration through Inspectron Tracking, collects production data in real-time detailing all of the individual events from each machine and stage in the passport production process. Sentinel generates internal lists of the progress and maturity of each book as it passes through production, relating (where appropriate):

  • Chip number
  • Tag number
  • Passport number
  • Batch reference
  • Machine used
  • Operator present
  • Exceptions
  • Time/Date/Shift Number
  • Successful Completion
  • Special Handling
  • Various other agreed parameters

Sentinel can be configured to provide static reports AND proactive management warnings via SMS, email, internal alarms, etc., so that the production manager, wherever he is located, can be alerted immediately that an event needs attention.

External Agency/Audit/Customer Tracking

Non-production issues require the ability to drill down into production data. Such issues are:

  • Real-time progress of an applicant’s passport preparation
  • Maintenance of production data for a 10-year period
  • Actual confirmation of a chip/ passport number as it is processed
  • Reconciliation of passport chips used from delivery batches
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Productivity analysis (Actual vs Plan)
  • Status and location of batches to be delivered to external sites

Inspectron’s Sentinel software can be configured to offer real-time investigation into individual items during production, real-time complete back up of all data gathered and many other configuration reports. This system offers the user the ability to make future investigations of both actual and archive data.

An organization may already have some of the components necessary for production tracking. As more security demands come along, and as the IT needs of passport tracking become more obvious, it makes sense to consider adding features to an existing infrastructure.

Inspectron has wide experience in interfacing to production machines of many kinds, collecting the data, and preparing it for delivery to a host IT system.

Inspectron offers a range of configurable hardware/software modules, together with integration services:

Machine Level: Transponder

Transponder is a Windows-based architecture, which collects data from devices such as chip readers, RFID readers, cameras, etc. mounted to the production machinery. Transponder includes workflow logic to determine if the data received is acceptable or not, and reacts accordingly to order the host machine to reject specific materials, or to stop the machine completely. A real-time database records all events for delivery to a production management system.

Production Management System: Sentinel

Sentinel collects the results from multiple machine interfaces in real-time and builds a complete production history. A variety of management reports and displays enable the production manager to drill down to an individual item, and deliver audit and production reports.

Custom Development

No two installations are the same, and if you are upgrading an existing solution, there will most likely be some custom workflow that you wish to retain. Inspectron Tracking is flexible enough to accommodate most requests to ensure that our system adapts to you.
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