Verification, Item Level Tracking and Reconciliation is as important in a manual fulfillment process as it is an automated process. Manual fulfillment processes or semi-automated processes can be Oversized Mail, Welcome Kits, Health Care Kits plus many more diversified applications.

The trend in this marketplace is to make these types of items more personalized. It is therefore vital to ensure that items are assembled correctly, all items are assembled and all rejected items are accounted for. Errors in fulfillment can lead to additional production cost, lost contracts, lost customers and regulatory liability.

Inspectron's flexible scalable software solutions allow us to implement a workflow and reconciliation process to match your existing production needs and requirements.

Our solutions accept input form a variety of data capture devices which include:

  • Cameras
  • Hand Scanner
  • RFID Readers
  • Other third party reading devices

Inspectron's software allows full database matching and comprehensive reporting to enable our Customers to ensure that all batches and items are correct.

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