Gold Embossing

Gold Block printing is used on secure booklets such as Passports, ePassports and associated applications. These are complex, secure, high value items typically printed using a hot-foil stamp with a total transfer ribbon print process. Several parameters can contribute to print quality problems such as incomplete or faulty foil transfers to the product.

Early detection and control of poor quality Gold Block printing will reduce the amount of waste. The traditional quality inspection method is to rely on operators to inspect samples during production. This is time consuming, subjective and unreliable and is difficult to detect gradual changes in quality.

Using existing proven technology from the DocuCheck Software platform, Inspectron have developed an inspection system for Gold Block print quality.

Image processing uses de-skew and scaling methods to obtain a best fit of the image for comparison against a reference. Image processing algorithms then analyse several separate regions within the print using different parameters for each region. Some regions may need fine detail comparison, others may not be as critical.

Real time image capture, processing and analysis gives a score for each region contained within every image that can be used as an indication and measurement of quality.

Combined with Inspectron’s Transponder application, the scores are recorded and can be used to generate an overall pass/fail result for each item and control traffic light type indications for alerting machine operators. Camera images can also be saved to hard-disk for future reference and quality control procedures.

Once a job has been set up, it can be stored and recalled at a later date allowing for easy switching between different production runs.

Sample passports Gold Embossed  Gold Emboss  Screen shot of DocuCheck checking Embossing
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