Inspectron 900-X powered by Spartanics

The ultimate smart card inspection and marking system for ID1 format cards.

Inspectron 900-X Machine

There is a growing demand for smart identity and security cards. These cards have a greater requirement for embedded security layers and credentials.

With the growing cost of these cards it is important to check that the security features are correctly printed, applied and assembled. It is also important that the cards are free from scratches and other defects before they are sent for personalization. Currently a lot of these checks are done via sampling, manually and offline.

The 900-X system from Inspectron will check every card automatically inline, front and back for quality as well as serialize cards that require it.

Enabling errors to be caught earlier not only decreases waste and remakes but also helps ensure 100% cost effective quality delivery to the personalization process.


  • Real time card inspection for defects dual sided
    • Scratches
    • Surface imperfections
    • Delamination
    • Print registration
    • Print defects
    • Presence / absence of security features
  • Verification of variable data
    • Multiple fields
    • OCR
    • BCR, 1D, 2D , QR, PDF417
    • Many more...

  • RFID Support
    • Input and output
    • UHF Tag
    • HF 14443
    • Read and write functions
  • Laser Engraver
    • Card serialization
    • OCR, BCR, 1D, 2D, PDF 417
  • Job Control
    • Support for different job types / formats
    • Full batch job control
    • Auto remake for defective serialized cards
    • Full card and batch history

Optional Features

  • Print inspection
    • UV print detection and inspection
    • Microtext inspection
  • Multiple machine management
    • Central job / batch management
    • Central job / batch monitoring
    • Duplicate batch and card detection
    • Consolidated reporting
  • Image capture / storage for QA
    • Definable card image capture
      • Good cards
      • Rejected cards
      • Sample 1 in n
  • Laser engraver
    • Ability to fit a second engraving unit for marking both sides

For more information about ID Card solutions or Inspectron 900-X machine, download the brochure or contact one of our specialists today.

Inspectron Images and Software Screen-Shots

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