Inspectron's ImageServer is a powerful software suite that is designed for efficient storage and retrieval of large quantities of image files, and can easily be scaled to meet the required storage and workload demands.

ImageServer allows for the capture of images from Inspectron's DocuCheck Verification systems and other Camera based systems such as Keyence. Captured images can be stored for later Quality Analysis, Audit or Evidential purposes, with associated image metadata stored in database form for easy searching and reporting. (Both SQL Server and Oracle are supported).

ImageServer can capture images in their raw output format, or optionally convert them on the fly server side to an alternative image format, and can also compress the image at various quality/size levels before storing.

ImageServer can work standalone, in a network environment or as an add on to Inspectron's Sentinel Suite. Image viewing can be either by a dedicated Image Client Viewer or as an add on to Inspectron's Sentinel Control Room application. Images can easily be queried by date, camera source, quality issue, or other key metadata, and viewed Images can be printed or exported in any image format supported by the system.

ImageServer comprises of a Windows based server application and multiple Image Client plug-ins that integrate with existing Inspectron products, providing tools for viewing and analyzing the images.


  • Integrates with many of Inspectron's existing software suites
  • Easily scalable as storage/workload requirements increase
  • Multiple Image Servers can be installed on the same network to spread the workload of multiple image sources
  • Multiple file format support such as raw, bmp or jpeg
  • Metadata associated with each image can be stored in the main Sentinel database, so that it can be easily queried against and cross-referenced with existing database tables
  • Encryption - Image data being transferred across the network can optionally be encrypted for security, as well as images themselves can be encrypted when stored
  • Compression - Data transmitted between server and client is compressed for performance. Image storage can also be compressed
  • Image Cache - Image Server and Image Client (Control Room) keeps regularly accessed and recent images in a local cache to improve performance
  • Data Migration/Archiving - Image Server supports migrating data to alternate storage locations. As per the design, when data is migrated, only the local index requires updating to the new location

Image Processing

Before storing images, the Image Server can be configured to apply image processing techniques. While in most cases, it may be preferred to keep the image as original as possible, some changes can be applied such as rotation/flipping without losing any detail of the original – this may be useful depending on the orientation of the captured image.

Examples of Image Processing available:

  • Rotation
  • Flipping
  • Resizing
  • Contrast Stretching
  • Histogram Equalization
  • Convolution Filters. i.e. edge detection, noise reduction etc

Image processing techniques can also be applied from within the Sentinel Control Room plug-in to assist analysis (without modifying the original image in storage).

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