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Data Verification for Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Applications

The Inspectron lottery ticket solution is a scalable, modular solution that utilizes high speed camera systems in line to scan the whole web width. Based on our DocuCheck capture platform it can view various data zones for readability, correct data and other matches at speeds in excess of 220 m / min. Individual data zones to be defined, and can be changed for different jobs. Once a job is set up it can be stored and recalled at a later date. Data is checked for a variety of parameters, and recorded. Error conditions can be set to operate visual warning and audible alarms via an output interface card. This information is supplied as a general overview to existing lottery applications. As the requirements for each printer can greatly vary we need to collect as much information as possible related to your specific needs.

There are 2 levels to our solution.

Level 1

  • Void and Streak checking for a blocked or stuck ink jet.
  • Identifies ticket barcode by reading variable data, OCR, Barcode, PDF 417 codes on each ticket.
  • Captures a compressed ticket image of all tickets, a sample or just tickets that have failed verification.
  • Provides comprehensive audit trail on batch.

An enhanced version using additional software modules is also available.

Level 2

Includes all features as above plus allows for verification of each data element in the Game Area. Additional features include:

  • Segments the total image into separate data cells.
  • Performs alignment and eliminates surrounding box lines.
  • Verification of the shapes and symbols in the data cells.
  • Detects intermittent ink jet operation “splatter” within a data cell.
  • Establishes deviation from Customer defined acceptance levels.
  • Provides comprehensive audit on each ticket and batch.

After printing, lottery tickets are taken from the lottery press to a finishing process area Read More...

Lottery ticket samples and installation
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