Lottery Ticket Pack Separation

Typically printed and perforated rolls of lottery tickets are taken from the lottery press to a finishing process area. At the finishing process area, the rolls are loaded and fed into a slitter cutter and fan folder. Here the roll is transformed into folded separate vertical channels of tickets. The folded channels are then separated into packs of tickets (AKA ticket books), at predetermined intervals and then individually shrink wrapped. The shrink wrapped packs are generally transported via a conveyor system for packaging and shipping.

It is important through this process to ensure that:

  • Each pack is correctly cut and folded
  • Each pack has the correct number of tickets
  • Each pack has the correct start and end ticket numbers
  • Any incorrect packs are highlighted and / or rejected before packing
  • All rejected Lottery Ticket Packs/ Numbers are accounted for

Inspectron have developed a Pack Separation Verification Solution using our DocuCheck and Transponder applications. Deploying a Dual Camera Docucheck system, images of both the top and bottom ticket are captured. Up to 48 different regions can be verified over both images.

Each region can be either:

  • Beginning of Pack symbol
  • End of Pack symbol
  • Unique Identifier, BCR, PDF417, 2D Datamatrix or OCR
  • Any other symbology or feature recognition supported

All results are collected, verified and displayed using the Inspectron Transponder Software as well as production statistics. All jobs can be set up, stored and recalled in the Transponder Software.

The packs can be verified prior to shrink wrap or after. Typically reading through shrink warp on a conveyor presents some verification solutions challenges with skew and image distortion. Inspectron have developed special algorithms to ensure the highest reading accuracy in this challenging environment.

A complete audit history is produced which can be output as a file, passed to a legacy system or passed to Inspectrons Sentinel Production Tracking and Control Solution.

Also using Inspectron's ImageServer Solution images of both the top and bottom tickets can be stored for future reference. Pack Images can be stored as a sample ā€œ1 in nā€ as well as any Pack that failed verification.

Lottery Solutions Example Images
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