Track&Trace with MagID from Inspectron

MagID is an advanced track&trace system which uses state-of-the art magnetic sensor technology. Dubbed "chip-less NFC", but at a fraction of the cost, MagID enables high-volume covert markings to be applied on the inside of packaging or under labels which are still readable.

By scanning an item with a MagID reader, brand owners can gain real-time data on a product’s progress through the supply chain. MagID can also be used to authenticate items, to help combat the growing problem of counterfeit or grey-market products.


  • Environmentally friendly codes
  • Self-serve, cloud-based platform – fully flexible for different markets or requirements
  • Low-cost to implement - attractive to SMEs needing brand protection
  • Fully secure – all data is owned and controlled by brand owner.

MagID is not only very applicable in high-security areas, but across many sectors where there is a fast-growing demand for low-cost track&trace markings and systems.

We are currently seeking brand owners and supply-chain partners to take part in pilot testing. Please contact Nathalie Muller, Head of Innovation for more information or complete the Contact Us form.

MagID technology development is supported by the EU under the Horizon 2020 program (Project ID: EIC FTI GA 870017) Find out more at

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