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Inspectron Marks Ten Years at SDW 2020

For the tenth year running, Inspectron will exhibit at SDW 2020, a world-class event that helps governments and commercial organisations with a multitude of identity and security solutions. As the leading, preferred supplier for European Central Bank quality marking and tracking solutions, Inspectron has a long history of supporting the event.

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Due to Covid-19, SDW 2020 will be held online between 16-18 November. Inspectron will showcase its suite of solutions for the security and identification market, including:

  • Currency Paper Tracking System - enabling every sheet of paper in the factory to be accounted for
  • Factory Marking and Tracking Production System - empowering the digital transformation to Industry 4.0
  • Intelligent Camera Solutions - for ID cards and passport production inspection
  • Audit Solutions - to verify and reconcile the production stages of identity documents

MagID, the revolutionary new technology developed by Inspectron which can overtly or covertly mark documents or ID cards, will be featured in the Technology Showcase. Visitors to the event are encouraged to register for the sessions in advance to prepare a schedule.

Visitors to Identity Week can apply for a VIP Guest pass giving full access to all conference sessions, networking and virtual exhibition.

What's the future for connected packaging?

The Active & Intelligent & Packaging Association (AIPIA) recently held its annual Smart Packaging Congress and Exhibition, which was delivered online due to the pandemic. From connected packaging for logistical and safety reasons, to promoting consumer engagement, the event featured 60 presentations and case studies covering the latest innovations and demonstrations of intelligent and active packaging.

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The event also saw a number of launches including MagID from Inspectron, patented marking technology which offers a completely new way to mark products overtly or covertly. MagID enables magnetic ink codes to be printed on or inside packaging or labels and be read without direct line-of-sight. Track & Trace is an obvious application for MagID as it will provide brands with a simple, low-cost way to authenticate items, and defend against counterfeits or market diversion.

There are multiple technologies which can be used for smart packaging. RFID, NFC and various optical codes have been around for some time. In his conference keynote session, Raghu Das from IDTechEx, forecast that almost 21 billion packages sold in 2030 will feature an electronic feature to enhance the package. However, the high unit cost has constrained the take up of RFID tags by smaller brands and retailers.

A lot of different information can be packed into a code - encrypt it, sign it and make it GS1-compliant but this is not new. Many exhibitors and speakers at the AIPIA Congress offered the ability to add a unique ID in various forms on packaging and to keep track of the scans and data for the customer. There were multiple solutions based on the premise that consumers will scan products. One of the panel discussions mentioned that Eleven million households are expected to scan a QR code in the US this year. This seems rather low, given the size of the US population and the amount of QR codes already in existence.

Whatever the chosen technology or solution a brand might employ to add codes, the fact remains that consumer engagement with packaging has not become a mass-market habit. Consumers, especially outside East Asia, still rarely scan items with their phones. Well-crafted marketing campaigns with the promise of an exciting pay-off supported by big advertising budgets stand the best chance of a consumer engaging with the brand. However, SMEs do not have the luxury of big budgets to generate consumer awareness and action. No one has managed to get consumers scanning enthusiastically and this fundamental issue was not addressed during the AIPIA Congress.

Fitting digital into packaging presents multiple opportunities for brands to gather data across the various elements of the supply chain. Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation in 2018, there is a mind-field of GDPR issues to be aware of regarding data collection, ownership and storage. Surprisingly this did not feature in the AIPIA conference content. On Inspectrons Track & Trace system customers applications and data will be kept independent of other customers, with the customer being the controller of their own data. The platform is self-service (to keep costs low) and customers will be able to create their own applications if they wish.

The application of High-Density barcodes is an innovation which stood out. High Density barcodes can reliably carry large amounts of information - for example pictures in a form that can be digitally signed, providing information that cannot be forged which can be checked in a reader without a web connection. Using the same technology with tiny printing can carry useful digital information in a dot too small to notice, although requiring a microscope to read.

Blockchain technology was referenced was discussed in relation to how it could work in the packaging supply chain. It would also suit the security document world by enhancing the data integrity and tracking capabilities for each document.

Connected packaging has a lot to compete with. Persuading consumers to scan codes and tags seems a long way off and the technology companies need brands to use their technology to facilitate this. In Inspectrons view, the business-to-business use of connected packaging for Track & Trace and counterfeit protection offers a real opportunity to make a difference. Given the low price-point of the MagID marking technology, which makes it attractive and scaleable for SMEs, this new solution was enthusiastically received by the AIPIA community.

Inspectron to unveil MagID Track&Trace solution at AIPIA Smart Packaging

London, 07 September 2020: Inspectron will launch MagID, a patented marking technology at the AIPIA Smart Packaging exhibition, providing advanced brand protection abilities for brands of any size, by enabling magnetic ink codes to be printed on or inside packaging.

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The innovation is a result of Inspectrons 40-year heritage in developing document identity and verification features for global financial institutions, governments and brands, combined with state-of-the art magnetic sensor technology.

Using MagID technology, high-volume covert markings can be applied on the inside of packaging or under labels. By scanning an item with a MagID reader, brand owners can gain real-time data on a products progress through the supply chain and authenticate items. Dubbed "chip-less NFC", but at a fraction of the cost, MagID is an affordable track&trace solution for SMEs looking for brand protection and will help combat the issue of counterfeit or grey market products.

Benefits of MagID:

  • Environmentally friendly codes
  • Self-serve, cloud-based platform fully flexible for different markets or requirements
  • Low-cost to implement - attractive to SMEs needing brand protection
  • Fully secure all data is owned and controlled by brand owner.
Inspectron is seeking brand owners and supply-chain partners to take part in MagID pilot testing projects. Dr Nathalie Muller, Head of Innovation, Inspectron will be presenting MagID technology at the AIPIA Smart Packaging conference at 12.45pm BST on 10 September 2020.

About the development:
MagID technology development is supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Research&Development under the Horizon 2020 program, Project ID: EIC FTI GA 870017 Find out more.

Inspectron Boosts Team for new MagID Track and Trace Solution

4 August 2020

Inspectron, a global leader in secure ID inspection, verification and traceability, announces that Adam Przybylski has joined the company as Business Solutions Manager.
He will generate sales of MagID, a patented track and trace solution developed by Inspectron, allowing magnetic ink codes to be printed on or inside brand packaging. MagID has also been referred to as chip-less NFC.

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Adam Przybylski
Adam comes to Inspectron with a background in security printing. He has worked in the printing industry for 25 years, most recently at De La Rue, where he supported government and brand clients in the development of product authentication and traceability solutions. He previously worked in business development at companies including Ingenia Technology, API Foils and Sun Chemical.

Adams role will be to drive the commercialisation of MagID as an affordable track and trace solution for brand packaging which addresses the growing counterfeit and grey market problem. MagID is already in use to sort letters without opening envelopes, but Inspectron has developed the technology further into a full cloud-based platform, enabling brand owners to collect track and trace and verification data through a smartphone app when swiping the item with the MagID reader.

Allan Harle, Managing Director, Inspectron, said:
MagID represents an exciting new opportunity for Inspectron to leverage its experience and technology into the general brand protection market and Adam is the ideal person to take this forward.

Adam Przybylski said:
I am delighted to join the Inspectron team. Brand owners who are looking for a brand protection and security solution for their packaging will benefit greatly from using MagID unique technology.

About the development:
MagID technology development is supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Research&Development under the Horizon 2020 program, Project ID: EIC FTI GA 870017

Inspectron Partners with 'INSCX' exchange' to Provide Global Track and Trace System

Inspectron Partners with 'INSCX' exchange' to Provide Global Track and Trace System: New Solution Manages the International Tracking of Exchange-Traded Nanomaterial Cargoes

2 May 2012, Frome, United Kingdom Inspectron, a global leader in document integrity, inspection and verification systems, has been selected by the global commodity exchange for nanomaterials, INSCXexchange , to deliver a web-based track and trace solution to actively monitor the full lifecycle of exchange-traded nanomaterial cargoes, in line with commercial and regulatory requirements.

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Inspectron NanoTraq solution is available exclusively to INSCX. By using the unique 'Exchange transaction ID', it will enable the exchange to track and trace every step in the international handling of nanomaterials and nano-enabled commodities across the full lifecycle of an exchange trade from sale to delivery and potentially even further. With the solution in place, INSCX will enable suppliers and manufacturers of nanomaterials using the exchange to achieve commercial and regulatory compliance. While satisfying both EU and international government agency regulations, NanoTraq also ensures conformance with requirements regarding the confidential referencing of trade data to the Exchange Broker of Records**, as set out by the insurance industry.
As such, the track and trace system effectively integrates with other exchange procedures to provide a compliant, socially responsible commercial environment, which safeguards against any potential health, environmental and other risks nanomaterials may pose.

* - The Integrated Nano-Science & Commodities exchange (INSCX) The World Commodity Exchange for Nanomaterials.

** - Exchange Broker of Records - Lockton, Inc -

All nanomaterials currently manufactured or imported into the EU must be registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and subsequently evaluated and authorised by an EU authority. Some hazardous materials must also be classified and labelled. Gavin Leach, Director of Physical Operations at INSCX adds: "To facilitate industrial-scale trade in nanomaterials, our members need a global exchange which can help them underwrite and monitor the trade movement of nanomaterials throughout the supply chain. This, coupled with the core exchange function to provide an an open market system enabling price discovery, is essential in enabling the support of both capital investment and the insurance industry to flow in favour of nanomaterial producers. We chose to work with Inspectron to deliver a track and trace solution as they are known experts in managing highly secure documents. Their scalable and flexible NanoTraq solution, which capitalises on smart phone technology, will enable us to integrate a world class solution into our legacy platform in a short space of time. It also gives us peace of mind that future complexities and increases in volume can be easily accommodated.

Allan Harle, Chairman at Inspectron, comments: "By applying Inspectron's expertise in designing track and trace systems for government applications, branded products and pharmaceuticals, to the nanomaterial trade market, we have been able to bring a unique traceability solution to the nanotechnology industry. NanoTraq not only satisfies existing market requirements, but has the capability to adapt functionality as required to become the standard for future nanomaterial trading activities."

For further media information, please contact Nicole Mountain or Rob Peryer at iseepr: on + 44 (0) 1943 468007 and/or John Tolley, Press Officer, INSCX exchange on + 44 (0) 1782 454 144 Notes to editors:

About Inspectron Inspectron ( is a global leader in document integrity, inspection and verification solutions. The company has over 25 years of experience in developing validation systems for use in multiple secure print applications for the public and private sector, and track and trace solutions to verify the movement of high-end branded merchandise and pharmaceuticals amongst others. Inspectron is an expert in its field, with the technical ability to provide customers with high tech solutions that improve business efficiency and product quality. Inspectron is based in the UK and operates globally with its international customer base.

About INSCX exchange INSCX exchange is a self-regulating organisation [SRO] based in the UK cities of Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester providing an electronic trade platform specific to the listing of SHE accredited, inspected, insured and validated engineered nanomaterials, nano-enabled commodities and traditional commodities for physical delivery. Listed for trade are globally relevant contracts in nanomaterials based on Thematic class and traditional commodities ranging from minerals, inorganics to base energy and commodity polymers.

Security Document World 2011 Interview

S-NTV catches up with Allan Harle at Security Document World 2011 to find out about Inspectron's vision and plans for 2011, whilst taking a look at some of our products and solutions on display.

Chosen vendor for lottery ticket verification

Chelmsford, MA; March, 2010 Inspectron, a worldwide leader in inspection and verification systems, has been selected by 4 separate lottery ticket providers in China. The decision was based on the speed and flexibility of Inspectron DocuCheck capture and verification platform that will be utilized to verify the variable print on lottery tickets.

Each system comprises multiple high speed / high resolution line scan cameras mounted directly on the print line. Inspectron DocuCheck systems check for any streaks or voids in the inkjet printing process as well as reading and verifying the micro PDF 417 codes on each ticket. DocuCheck inspects and verifies all tickets printed at full web production speeds.

John Harvey, CEO at Inspectron commented: These orders were won on the back of other lottery successes around the world, and are further examples of Inspectron commitment and ongoing development in the high security and high speed variable data tracking sector.

Since 1976, Inspectron has delivered tracking and verification systems for transactional mail, direct mail, secure printing and e-passport production facilities. Based in Frome, England, the company also has a North American location in Chelmsford, MA. Operating subsidiaries across the United States provide additional sales and support. Inspectron has installations around the world, and has provided customers with document integrity for more than 30 years. Directly to customers and through partners, the company offers the latest technologies for mail verification, plastic card integrity inspection, billing and statement processing, print quality verification, and e-passport production. Find out more about our Lottery Ticket Solutions here...

Inspectron @ Northprint 2011

Inspectron & Crawford Technologies partnered @ Northprint to show integration between Sentinel & Pro Production Manager

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