Inspectron's RFIDServer is a program designed to enable one or more client programs to control an array of attached RFID readers through a TCP/IP connection socket.

The client program uses a separate instance of a connection to attach to and control each reader through its own independent RFID Server script or custom processor.

Both HF and UHF RFID readers are supported with RFIDServer allowing for a wide range of devices that can be connected. Both HF and UHF readers can be mixed in the same application.

When combined with Inspectron’s Transponder and Sentinel applications makes for a powerful Track and Trace workflow solution.


  • HF and UHF Formats supported.
    • Mifare
    • 14443
    • UHF Gen 2 LLRP
  • Up to 64 RFID readers can be attached to a single RFIDServer instance running on a PC.
  • VB Script and JScript scripting or custom DLL methods supported.
  • Script files can be plain text or encrypted with SHA or AES algorithms.
  • Diagnostic logging available to monitor communications and messages between the client and RFID Reader server
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