Security Stitching - A Booklet Sewing Inspection and Verification Solution

Sewing is used on secure booklets such as Passports, ePassports and associated applications to secure collated visa pages, data pages and other book elements.

Early detection and control of poor quality sewing will reduce the amount of waste. The traditional quality inspection method is to rely on operators to inspect samples during production.

Using existing proven technology from the DocuCheck Software platform, Inspectron have developed an inspection / verification system for sewing quality.

Inspectron’s intelligent software engines analyse the captured image and identify the position of holes and stiches. The clear area around a sewing pattern is also checked for any stray thread which will indicate an incomplete stitch.

The number of holes and stitches are compared to the expected number of holes and stitches and any discrepancy will be alerted. Software thresholds can be set on error tolerances.

Real time image capture, processing and analysis gives a pass / fail for any sewing pattern.

Combined with Inspectron’s Transponder application, the results are recorded and can be used to generate an overall pass/fail result for each strip and control traffic light type indications for alerting machine operators. Camera images can also be saved to hard-disk or sent to Inspectron’s ImageServer software suite for future reference and quality control procedures.

Once a job has been set up, it can be stored and recalled at a later date allowing for easy switching between different production runs.


  • Works with Inspectron's Line Scan or Area Scan DocuCheck verification system
  • Chain Stitch or Interlock patterns
  • Works with white, color or UV color enriched threads
  • Intelligently identifies holes and stitches
  • Identifies clear space either side of stitching line
  • Software settable thresholds

Security Stitching Check
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