Sentinel Automated Document Factory

We can ease the day to day challenges faced by production managers to bring an Automated Document Factory closer to reality. Main features include the real-time monitoring of devices on the production floor, database-driven piece tracking and automatic reprint file generation for damaged or lost documents.

Sentinel is a Windows-based production floor management system which combines traditional data gathering experience with optional modules to keep track of every aspect of daily production. Sentinel's control room application is designed to be flexible enough to allow for customized views of data which can be tuned to work to your exact requirements.

Sentinel is an independent, non-obtrusive control system that takes input from any production machine - printer, inserter, folder, mailer, collator, sorter - and collects important piece, job, operator, device and progress information. It is also based off of a flexible architecture that can feed information back to call centers if, and when, required, giving real-time updates on your document's progress.


  • Automatic reprints
  • Dynamic job splitting and reconciliation - no need to create sub-jobs or batches
  • Reconciliation of job / pieces over multiple devices
  • Graphical Production Floor Display gives easy visual status of what is happening on the production floor
  • Flexible architecture can feed information back to call centers if and when required giving real-time updates on your document's progress
  • Ability to provide postal services with verifiable document production cuts costs in delivery, reduces downtime and improves performance
  • Sentinel's own built-in Report Generator makes it simpler to integrate reporting and increases flexibility
  • Generate reports on Jobs, Exceptions, Production Devices, Operators, Shifts
  • Produce SAS 70 reports and other compliance reports
  • Alert Service allows Managers to be notified of problems instantaneously and automatically
  • SLA monitoring allows you to be alerted on the status of an SLA
  • Resilient architecture for maximum up time and continuity of operation

With Sentinel, YOU will be in total control of your document production process, resulting in all your customers gaining real confidence in your organization.

For more information about Sentinel, download the brochure or contact one of our specialists today.

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