Track and Trace

Branded Merchandise such as Tobacco and Alcohol are the most counterfeited products in the world and a major target for grey market trading. This is due to the volumes produced and the taxes levied by governments on these type of items that make illicit sources more attractive.

Governments across the globe face many challenges arising from the counterfeiting and diversion of genuine tax stamps. The extent of this problem is significant and costs billions in tax revenue that should be paying for other vital services.
An Inspectron Trace & Trace Solution provides the following:

1. Each individual item, bundle or case can be tracked by a unique code that can be attached to the product. This can be used anywhere in the distribution channel to authenticate that the label is correct and where and when it was produced.

Tax Stamp

2. High Speed reading technology captures the information during production and converts it to data for storage within a database exclusive to the customer.

Typical data captured can include:

  • Ship to ID
  • Product Number
  • Time Stamp
  • Order Number
  • Brand

The system is designed to be flexible so that the data requirements can be tailored to a clients individual needs.

Example Lottery ticket  Example Lottery ticket installation

3. Authentication – Once a code is captured and stored in a database it can be authenticated in the field via a link to the central database.

Possible Tools Include:

  • Hand Scanner with a wireless internet connection
  • Camera Phone with the ability to scan codes
Mobile Authentication

4. Returns – Returned products that are faulty can be accounted for at the Returns Center.

At a Return Center Inspectron can:

  • Account for all incoming returns
  • Check authenticity of the labels being returned
  • Cancel any labels that will be destroyed
  • Reallocate any labels as the customer requires
  • Restock product

If any cancelled labels reappear in the supply chain they will be displayed with a status of cancelled, date and time of cancellation, location and operator who cancelled them.


  • Branded Products
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • High End Merchandise - Handbags, perfume,
    team apparel
  • Government Applications
  • Tax Stamps
  • Licenses and Certificates
  • Currency and Checks
  • ID Cards

Benefits include:

  • Counterfeiting detection
  • Grey Market detection
  • Identifying and managing events in real time
  • Managing returns, recalls, charge-backs, inventory
  • Capturing lost revenues
  • Government tax collection
  • Government security document authentication
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