Transactional Mail

Current and future regulations and requirements require greater compliance while organizations are looking at reducing costs. HIPAA, GLB, SAS, and UDAP carry large financial penalties for non-compliance as well as the stigma of non-compliance in the industry.

The conflicts of cost reduction and compliance require advanced automation. The Automation of job routing, tracking, monitoring and status of all jobs, envelopes and pages of transactional mail becomes a necessity.

Reducing manual processes increases efficiency and accuracy while increasing throughput. Think about your reprint processes. They are usually manual processes that have little or no integrity, tracking or tie-back to the original job – a recipe for disaster.

The solution must be cost effective while yielding certainty with every mailpiece produced.

Inspectron’s Affordable Document Factory provides the following:

  • Centralized control of all aspects of transactional mail production
  • Real time monitoring of activities and throughput with alerts so management can be proactive instead of reactive
  • A mechanism to be proactive vs reactive in emergencies
  • Ability to migrate from a cost center to a profit center by understanding the true costs of production
  • Affordable solution set
  • Eliminate the requirements for high priced “latest model inserter or printer”
  • Streamlined installation reducing traditional Professional Services costs associated with typical ADF installations.
  • Modularized software with a standard core, any customization required is via a “customizer module” not a complete rewrite of the core product
  • Inspectron’s system adapts to your workflow, not making you adapt to a different process/workflow.
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