Inspectron's Transponder takes a step forward in workflow designed configuration to make implementation easier and to improve the user experience.

Transponder is designed with flexibility in mind. It uses a plug-in architecture to maximize adaptability. The configuration page uses an icon drag and drop approach to provide versatility.

Transponder builds on existing Inspectron workflow capabilities and flexibility.

Its key features include:

  • Adaptability of the workflow design pane
  • Additional workflow steps to provide more configuration options
  • 'Sentinel Ready' for easy implementation into Inspectron's Sentinel Track and Trace solution
  • A Plugin-in architecture to enable new steps to be added either by Inspectron or by end users (requires developer license)
  • Streamlined storage of settings into xml format
  • Visual indication of the data stream through the workflow for diagnostic purposes
  • Written in 100% dot net for future proofing
  • Additional user outputs including sounds and animation
  • Enhanced C# Scripting capabilities – now with built in script editor

A plug-in is part of the workflow that makes up the configuration. It has properties, inputs, and outputs. Using the set up page you can alter the properties and assign other steps to 'route' into the inputs and outputs. This gives the power to design how the configuration will work to match the 'live' environment.

The basic Transponder contains numerous steps that are available for use. However, additional steps can be provided by Inspectron to tailor for more bespoke requirements or specialist features (such as implementation into our Sentinel product). Our plug-in detect feature will automatically detect if new steps have been installed and are available for use.

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